Awaken the Divine within. Ascend to new heights.
Pass through the gates of Elul shining the gift of giving blessings.
Embody Rosh Hashanah ritual by attending a free online workshop that celebrates greeting cards crafting flairs of tradition that channels good fortune. Step out of the matrix before this upcoming Shabbat holiness to relax, find solace and connect to our tribal roots while enjoying the excitement of creating together something unique and special for someone you love.

On this upcoming Friday, Alef Rosh Chodesh Elul at 17:00 Jerusalem Time, we are gathering for a L’Shana Tova Greeting Cards Workshop – crafting, coloring and writing Shanah Tovah blessings coded with mesmerizing Torah Biblical verses and decorated with holistic elements of the Holy Land and Judaic holy symbols meanings. Join us on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to make homemade handcrafted greeting cards for your family and friends while sharing insights, spirituality and artistic ideas. Light your Faith.
Add this special event to your calendar Today!

Today I’m going to share some FREE L’SHANA TOVA greeting cards templates to download at HALELUYA’s silent group on WhatsApp, join us here to enjoy all the goodies: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IhpdSDU4HAULWsAvtEBKWG

Do you have a question or need my advice on your special L’SHANA TOVA art activities, Hebrew & Israel classes, or youth and student program projects? Write me in the comments to let me know how I can help your community or organization.

Stay tuned for more workshop insights and RSVP today at:

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