I’m Orit Gutmacher Levy, an international entrepreneur, the owner of Zebratoys, and the founder and designer of HALELUYA: Sacred Soul Art. I live in a magical, farming village surrounded by pomegranate orchards and fields next to the legendary Jordan River in the Galilee, Israel. As a native-born Israeli and half-American artist, I create Sacred Soul Art infused with the energies of the Holy Land, inspired by the world of Kabbalah, and enlightened by the elements of sacred geometry. My Divine Judaica designs invite us to enter a gate to a Sacred holy space by using coloring as a tool to nurture Jewish identity, elevate faith, practice self-care, and promote personal and planetary healing.

I have always loved to color. When I was a little girl, I used to color for hours, immersed in feelings of inner peace, joy, and love. One of my fondest childhood memories is going to my beloved grandparents’ home on Shabbat morning to color enchanting coloring books filled with wonderlands of castles and princesses, Indians, dinosaurs, and Mickey Mouse. The relaxing, joyful feeling of these beautiful moments beamed so much peace and love into my inner world. Now I value how this delightful, soulful art activity influenced my chosen path, and continues to inspire HALELUYA’s global mission.

Shabbat family dinners are still a favorite memory that will live with me for Eternity. I cherish the Shabbat holiness as I recall the ritual of Shabbat eve with the white tablecloth, the delicious, cooking smells of my Grandmother’s Shabbat meal, the warm, loving light of the Shabbat candles, and the Shabbat Kiddush my grandfather chanted every Friday night. Experiencing the Shabbat sacredness, year after year, profoundly guided me to follow my bliss and fulfill my destiny by nourishing seeds of love for Judaism, the Land of Israel, and Jewish art.

As an adult, many life challenges led me back to the art that so delighted me as a child and enriched me with a profound sense of healing, peace, and well-being. I now know coloring is both an art therapy method and a meditation practice, encouraging us to safely explore our innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions through a deep and powerful healing process. By helping us cultivate peace, stay centered, elevate connectivity, deepen spiritual growth, enhance wholeness, nurture self-love, and manifest heart wishes, coloring supports us in our efforts to achieve remarkable changes in our lives and our world.

Now I know my sweet, childhood memories never faded away. Instead, they continue to fill my life with beauty, meaning, and wonder! Over the years, I discovered designing, coloring, and soul art have helped me heal my body, mind, and spirit; connected me with my deepest aspirations; and brought me back home to my soul, my passion, and my higher purpose. Listening to my heart guided me to create my dream job, build a successful international business, and revealed HALELUYA’s mission to help humanity by supporting our holistic healing, spiritual growth, and transformations.

HALELUYA’s coloring books embody spirituality that integrates elements of Kabbalah Jewish Mysticism, Sacred Geometry shapes, and Judaism’s holy symbols, prayers, and blessings. This harmonic synergy of traditional and contemporary, physical and metaphysical, Heaven and Earth combines the wisdom of our ancestors’ legacy of Jewish history and values with art that fosters individuality, feeds belonging, enhances tribalhood, and illuminates a universal Oneness consciousness.


I’m devoted to creating the finest designs, programs, and products that make people feel whole and holy by aligning our cosmic souls to experience the Divine Presence. I invite us to breathe holiness, feel loved, recharge vitality, and be blessed by the grace of God. May we radiate a healing message of hope, unity, peace and love into our lives, our families, our communities, our world, and throughout the Universe forever and ever. Amen.

With Faith, Love & Good Energies,
Orit Gutmacher Levy
Owner of Zebratoys & Founder and Designer of HALELUYA Sacred Soul Art
The Galilee, Israel

HALELUYA: Sacred Soul Art
Email: oritgutmacherlevy@gmail.com
Shop: www.zebratoys.etsy.com
Web: www.zebratoys.net
Downloads: www.zebratoys.net/digitaldownloads

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