Watch My Video and Learn How to Craft 3 Dimensional Paper Stars of David Decorations for Hanukkah ✡ Nurture your soul’s craving for beauty, Jewish spirituality, and Stars of David Magic!!!

I invite you to join me for a DIY video and learn HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PAPERCRAFT STAR OF DAVID HANUKKAH DECORATIONS. I share with you a super easy step-by-step set of instructions that will help you craft a one-of-a-kind Holiday decoration for your Jewish home. Discover what I feel when I craft and why I love papercrafts so much!


I want you to illuminate your home with a beautiful homemade Jewish Glow. Learn more about what the Stars of David decorations are perfect for. Watch the Video and listen to my Hanukkah 5778 Blessing:

#SUKKOT #INTERVIEW with #MY #NEIGHBOUR in her #SUKKAH ✡ Happy Holidays Beth Yisrael!!!

Learn How to Craft 3 Dimensional Kabbalah Paper Decorations ✡ Create Unique 3D Papercraft Decoration. A DIY Papercraft Kabbalah Decoration Video Tutorial ♥

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Watch My Video and Learn How to Craft 3 Dimensional Paper Star of David Decorations by HALELUYA Jewish Soul Art ✡

Watch My Savta Saralee Talk about Her Visit to Israel ???? Dubrovin Farm, Passover 2017 ✡/span>

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Happy Hanukka & Happy New Year 2017 ♥ May we all continue to heal our hearts and heal our world

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הקולקציה החדשה והמנצנצת לחג הפסח. דפי צביעה, קישוטים, כרטיסי ברכה ורעיונות יפים למתנות לחג ✡

Watch @zebratoys Tu B’Shevat Floral Menorah {✡} Coloring video. Get Inspired!!!

ט”וּ בִּשְׁבָט הִגִּיעַ חַג לָאִילָנוֹת {✡} טֶקֶס חֹדֶשׁ שְׁבָט Tu B’Shevat 2016

Acceptance, Thank G-d & Gratefulness {✡} Join me.

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