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You can purchase HALELUYA Sacred Soul Artat HALELUYA’s official websites www.haleluyasacredsoulart.com and www.zebratoys.net or by reaching out to Zebratoys Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/zebratoys and Amazon.

HALELUYA Sacred Soul Art is the creation of Orit Gutmacher Levy, a soulful, spiritual. holistic attuned skilled artist known for unique Jewish art, Sacred Geometry Art and captivating artworks. Orit is devoted to creating tools that provide body-mind-soul synergy, introspection, meditation and healing; designed to enhance oneness, support transformations, spiritual ascension, and deepen self-exploration journeys nurturing feelings of hope, peace, love, growth, movement, and evolution. 

To browse and explore artworks, simply visit our website’s shop at zebratoys.net/shop, and @zebratoys Pinterest page. You’ll discover a wide array of soulful and sacred artworks, all organized into various categories and subjects for easy exploration and search.

Yes, you can use our website’s search system to search for artworks based on titles, themes, spiritual concepts, and other meaningful attributes. Challenge new horizons.

HALELUYA Sacred Soul Art specializes in various art forms, including Kabbalah art, instant download printable coloring pages, papercraft models, digital art prints and Amazon coloring books.

Yes, you can subscribe to our newsletter here and receive all notifications about new artwork releases, new collections, upcoming sales and valued client’s exclusive offers.

Yes, HALELUYA Sacred Soul Art has a newsletter and a mailing list you can subscribe to. With HALELUYA NEWSLETTERS you can stay updated on all new art releases, freebies, special offers, sales, coupons and events. To view HALELUYA’s Newsletter Archive, click here or read on Linkedin.

HALELUYA Sacred Soul Art accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards and PayPal paypal.me/OritGutmacherLevy, and other secure online payment options.

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We appreciate long term loyal friendships, collaborations and partnerships. We offer a valued clients Rewards with exclusive offers of special discounts and events through HALELUYA newsletter and social media channels. Join our community to stay updated.

Yes, HALELUYA’s Referral Reward Program rewards you for sharing the beauty of sacred art with others. When you invite friends and family to experience the transformative power of HALELUYA, your light aura shines brightly plus you receive a free gift for each referral you bring.

HALELUYA offers 100% money-back guarantee warranty.
If for any reason the item you have purchased doesn’t fulfill your expectations, you can get a full refund. Send an E-mail to: oritgutmacherlevy@gmail.com and receive your money back within 7 business days.

Yes, HALELUYA Sacred Soul Art offers a client-oriented return and refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or if the artwork arrives damaged, please contact us for further assistance and refund.

Any commercial use of HALELUYA Sacred Soul Art’s artwork requires explicit permission from Orit Gutmacher Levy and requires additional licensing fees.

For commercial use of HALELUYA artworks, such as in marketing campaigns or merchandise, contact Orit Gutmacher Levy to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Yes, the high-quality digital art pieces are vector based and versatile so they can be displayed on digital frames or screens to create a mystic and spiritual ambiance or printed in high resolution.

The artist’s creative journey is an integral part of the art experience. Explore HALELUYA’s website blog for insights of inspiration and artistic evolution from the founder, creator, and designer of HALELUYA Sacred Soul Art.

Delivery times can vary depending on your location and the artwork’s process time. You will receive an estimated delivery timeframe at the time of purchase.

Your feedback is invaluable in shaping our user experience. You can provide feedback on our website’s user interface and design through our contact form or support channels.

Yes, we are active on various social media platforms, connecting with our community and sharing soulful art inspiration. Follow us to stay connected.

Personalization is a beautiful way to infuse deeper meaning into the artwork. Contact the artist with your desired mantra or affirmation and she will gladly incorporate it into the piece.

Art that harmonizes with your space is invaluable. We encourage you to discuss your desired color palette with the artist through a custom personalized request.

Personalization is a beautiful way to infuse deeper meaning into the artwork. Reach out to the artist with your desired mantra or affirmation, and she will gladly incorporate it into the piece.

HALELUYA’s artist and founder is available for interviews and collaborations.

Yes, we offer private art workshops and webinars for groups and organizations.Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

While we don’t have podcasts, we occasionally share audio content that complements our artworks and offers meditative experiences.

Behind-the-scenes videos provide valuable insights into the artist’s creative process. HALELUYA shares glimpses of the artist’s creative and studio on our blog and social media platforms.Can I request an art consultation for a specific spiritual ritual or celebration?
Yes, we welcome commissions for specific spiritual rituals or celebrations. Our artist will work closely with you to create an artwork that holds deep significance for your event.

We value and appreciate your interest in featuring HALELUYA’s art. Please contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities for local galleries and events.

Yes, we curate seasonal collections and themed artworks to celebrate the essence of each holiday and season to inspire your spiritual journey.

Yes, we provide a step-by-step guide with every papercraft, we also offer DIY videos on YouTube that teach how to make the paper crafts. To browse HALELUYA’s papercrafts collection, click here.

Coloring is a form of therapeutic art and considered to be a deeply meditative healing practice. For harmonious stardust shine we recommend choosing all 6 rainbow colors that intuitively resonate with your intuition and intentions; the takeaway is that it simply and effortlessly feels right.  Allow the colors to flow freely, creating a connection between your inner self and the artwork as you bond with your soul and higher potential.

In recent years, the act of coloring has gained popularity as a relaxation technique and studied in the context of art therapy, carrying unique features that set it apart.
Coloring is a unique form of relaxation that combines creativity, personal expression, spirituality, spiritual ascension and meditation. Perfect when going through transformation because it allows a deeper connection to soulful essences rooted in higher dimensions, resulting in a profound sense of consciousness. Users often describe increased creativity, focus, and joy. Its stardust is experienced as a pathway to a different reality with no time and space. Coloring is commonly used as daytime alternative medicine for relief in conditions such as loneliness, stress, anxiety, depression, emotional pain, and ADHD. Some people find coloring helpful with enhancing clarity, productivity, focus, manifestation skills and motivation. Coloring has gained significant attention for its potential therapeutic properties.

Art therapy benefits include stress relief, clarity, inner peace, increased self-awareness, and enhanced mental health. Engaging with sacred art can lead to a profound sense of well-being and support the transformative power of art for healing and spiritual growth.

Sacred soul art can become a vital part of your daily sacred sanctuary; as a tool for self-reflection, inner order and mindfulness. Engaging with art allows you to immerse yourself in a state of calm presence free of ego attachments while nurturing your inner sanctuary.