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Courtney Matson – “In deep appreciation of her values and art!

Angela Printed beautifully. Easy to download. I love her art!

► Jackie –“Hi Orit , shabbat shalom! Just a Jewish themed border would be great… Maybe with Jewish stars, pomegranates, menorahs shofars etccc.  With a beautiful crown at the top. Should be blank inside. Your work is a beautiful and unique. I love it!  Thanks so much!!!”

► Vicki –“I had the most wonderful experience in working with Orit and ordering from Zebra Toys.  I purchased Orit’s beautiful coloring mandalas for an event for my seniors.  The designs were beautiful and the seniors enjoyed a relaxing and spiritual experience. Orit expressed an interest in hearing all about the event, and I shared pictures with her afterwards.  My group feels as if we now have a new friend in Israel”!

► Zachary – “Thanks so much for the wonderful art, the kind note, and your lovely generous offer. We printed the earlier downloads to do a crafts and coloring project with my daughter and for Purim, and the art hung around the house until yesterday!”

► Laura – “Hi, I am a Hebrew and Judaics teacher at a synagogue in Maryland. I came across your magnificent coloring pages when I was searching for something for my young pre-teen students to color while they are listening. I know your mandala and coloring pages are right for my students! Your artwork is magnificent! Would I be able to buy a package of 5 or 10 of your images for the students for a certain price? Do you ever do a special price for schools. Thank you so much! I am so excited!…Orit, I just saw the images– so amazing! I wanted to tell you how excited my students are that you are an artist from ISRAEL! They are very excited about the coloring pages and all the love and good wishes you put into your art”

► Ioana from Vienna, Austria – ” Thank you so much for your  art! It’s so beautiful! I spent all the morning coloring,  it looks amazing  ♥  I felt really humbled and grateful that you want to offer me a gift, you really are very kind. Your words have really touched me, thank you so much for your kindness and appreciation! I’d love to give you a big hug right now!”

Mira Burcu – ”Perfect for coloring and hanging. I used A2 and A3 print outs. Amazing work so unique… l highly recommend for children as well as adults. I also use it as a guidance because it has great energy.”

Nicolas – ”I turned to Orit to assist me in the creation of a so-called Kimpetbrivl, an amulet written by a Sofer to protect a mother and her newborn child from evil. This kind of amulets was very common in 19th century eastern Europe. Orit, Sofer Yehuda and me cooperated in the research of the proper texting, a journey both beautiful and interesting. Thank you Orit, and please pass my thanks also to Yehuda!”

► Mel – Honest Eco Mom: “Hello! Thank you so much for asking me to collaborate with you. You do such beautiful work and I adore all of your pieces. I look forward to coloring these and displaying them in our home and writing a blog review on them. Thank you for thinking of me again!!! Thank you for the FREE printable gift”

Dr. Christine – “I am a childrens therapist at a Jewish Non Profit agency in Dallas. We have several children who do not speak english and just moved from Israel . I am looking for mandalas for them to color – to help them relax at school or to color in their therapy sessions. Can you recommend a coloring book for Jewish mandalas. We would LOVE to order something if you have a mandala coloring book put together for boys.  Also we are a non profit so we are seeing these children at no cost, so we are on a budget. Thank you so much!”

Marsha – America English School Petach Tikva, Israel -“I was thrilled to receive the beautiful Jewish star as a gift from you. I love it. I had the opportunity to look through your wonderful artistic materials. I believe they are highly educational and can bring much joy to many families around the world. I think they may also be great for Jewish communities worldwide.”

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