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► 1 Design of 3D Papercraft Template of a Tetrahedron Decoration
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► This is a FREE Printable Template of a Tetrahedron Decoration.

This is a printable digital image file of a Paper Craft Tetrahedron template ♥
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I’m honored and proud to share with you
The 3D Paper Craft Tetrahedron Decoration.
Feed your soul’s longing.
Get closer to spirituality. To yourself.
Shine. Heal. Grow spirituality from inside.
Illuminate your soul with a beautiful Sacred Glow .
You are going to fall in love with these heartwarming crafts!!!

Download and learn how to make your own 3D Tetrahedron here:
Add them to your amazing home today for an endearing holiday look you’re sure to love.
Hang them up and decorate your party ♥
Feel their energizing holy blessed energy.
Download this Tetrahedron Papercraft Decoration to Inspire your Spirit. Own It!!!
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Watch My Video and Learn How to Craft 3 Dimensional Paper Tetrahedron Decorations ♥ Nurture your soul’s craving for beauty, Sacred spirituality, and Platonic Solids Magic!!! I invite you to join me for a DIY video and learn HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PAPERCRAFT TETRAHEDRON DECORATIONS. I share with you a super easy step-by-step set of instructions that will help you craft a one-of-a-kind Holiday decoration for your home. I want you to illuminate your home with a beautiful homemade Sacred Glow. Watch the Video:

Beautiful Do It Yourself Tetrahedron papercrafts are fun and easy.
You can add some sparkle and shine with this simple and quick DIY project and get an amazing look.
Make your own beautiful Papercraft Decoration. Start now. It’s meditative and relaxing!!!
Here is a super easy step-by-step guide that will help you make a treasured, one-of-a-kind Decoration.

What You’ll Need:
Scrapbooking paper
Coloring Pencils

Step number 1:
Download your PDF template.
2. Open the file.
3. Load your printer paper tray with your favorite scrapbooking paper.
4. Go over the printer setting and click the print button.
5. Color the design with coloring pencils.
6. Use scissors to cut around the outside outlines.
7. Fold & Pinch firmly the Icosahedron’s lines.
8. Fold & Pinch the white tabs.
9. Glue the tabs to the template and done!!!
10. Hang it up in your home or decorate your holiday table ♥
► Watch My DIY Video:

I invite you to nourish your soul with my Sacred Soul Art,
Feel it’s energizing holy blessed power. ♥
Enlighten your being with faith, love, inner peace, joy, and good energies.
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Nurture your soul’s craving for beauty, Sacred spirituality, and Magic!!!
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Laura: My students love these coloring pages, and they are proud of each piece. Orit is a very lovely and caring person to buy from and she cared about my students having all the designs they liked. I teach tefilah and holidays, and these are perfect accompaniments to that. I can’t say enough nice things about this wonderful artist, seller, and person. Many thanks to you
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