Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Decoration-How to Make-Printable Template-Jewish Arts and Crafts-INSTANT DOWNLOAD by @HALELUYA Jewish Soul Art

Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Decoration-How to Make-Printable Template-Jewish Arts and Crafts-INSTANT DOWNLOAD by @HALELUYA Jewish Soul Art

I would like to offer you a way to nourish your soul with
Inspiring, unique, beautiful, meaningful ideas
and ancient sacred symbols.
Meet Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Decoration
that was created
with my desire and passion
to illuminate you with
holiness, faith, and spirituality.
I want to make your soul shine.
And I know
crafting Kabbalah elements
is so meditative and relaxing.
Try hanging your Kabbalah art at home
and see how it vibrates pure good magical faith karma.

Enjoy Crafting a Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Decoration
Bring Good Energy, Faith and Love into your Heart
100% Peaceful Blessed Faith Karma Guaranteed ✡
Start your own Unique Jewish Art Project Today
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This printable Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Template is for:
► Rosh Hashanah Decorations
► Judaica Do It Yourself Holiday Gifts
► Rosh Hashanah Relaxing and Meditative Family Art Activity
► Jewish Holiday Art Projects Template
► Rosh Hashanah Party Garland Decoration
► Arts & Crafts
► Rosh Hashanah Projects Supplies

The Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Decoration is perfect for:
► Synagogues
► JCCs
► Classrooms and Learning Centers
► Religious Schools
► Day Care Centers
► Youth Programs and Groups
► Jewish Camps
► Senior Programs
► Nursing Homes
► Spiritual Guidance Workshops, Programs and Groups
► Intergenerational Programs and Events
► Jewish Organizations and Institutions

Who is this Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Decoration for?
► Educators and Teachers
► Program coordinators for Jewish organizations and institutions
► Guides for spiritual groups and workshops
► Families
► Soul seekers
► Mixed media, scrapbooking and journaling crafting fans

You can quickly create your own unique Rosh Hashanah Decoration simply by downloading this printable file, print, cut, fold, and glue. Craft joyful paper Decorations for your house. Start today! INSTANT DOWNLOAD!!! Own it.

Are you looking for some charming Kabbalah Decorations?
You are going to fall in love with this heartwarming Jewish paper crafts printable!!!
Download and learn how to make your own 3D Papercraft Decoration.
Add it to your amazing home today for an enduring holiday look you’re sure to love.
Feel it’s energizing Jewish blessed power.
Download this Magical Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Decoration Today!

Beautiful Rosh Hashanah papercrafts are fun and easy.
You can add some sparkle and shine with this simple and quick DIY project and get an amazing look.
Make your own beautiful Rosh Hashanah paper decoration.
Start now. It’s meditative and relaxing!!!
Here is a super easy step-by-step guide that will help you make a treasured, one-of-a-kind Kabbalah Decoration.

What You’ll Need:
Scrapbooking paper

1. Download your PDF template.
2. Open the file.
3. Load your printer paper tray with your favorite scrapbooking paper.
4. Go over the printer setting and click the print button.
5. Use scissors to cut around the outside outlines.
6. Fold where the lines are.
7. Glue the first tab to form a hexahedron shape.
8. Glue the other tabs and done.
9. Hang it up or decorate your holiday table ♥

What do we feel when we craft?
Please let me emphasize a few benefits, so you can get a deeper understanding of why I love it so much!!!
Crafting help us:
► Go within and align with life’s higher energy
► Practice forgiveness, acceptance and tenderness
► Be fully present in the moment
► Embrace compassion, kindness and healing
► Balance our body, mind and soul
► Improve self-esteem and increase awareness
► Resolve issues, manage feelings and process emotions
► Gain clarity and focus
► Relax, calm down and meditate
► Enjoy more purpose and meaning
► Elevate faith
► Reconnect to our Jewish Roots ✡

Printable Details:
► High-resolution image 300dpi
► 1 High Quality PDF File
► Printable Page Size 8 ½” x 11″ A4
► The file has transparent background
► Watermark & Logos will not appear on your print

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My name is Orit Gutmacher Levy, and I’m a country girl from a magical farm town in the Galilee, Israel. I’m the designer of HALELUYA Jewish Soul Art and the owner of Zebratoys. I’m following my dream to design unique and inspirational Jewish Soul Art ✡ I’m a big Judaica art lover and I have a feel for Jewish Shabbat and holidays, spiritual sacred geometry symbols and Biblical prayers & blessings.
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I welcome you to start your own unique
Jewish art project today.
Bring Good Energy, Faith and Love into your Heart
100% Peaceful Blessed Faith Karma Guaranteed ✡
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Please note:
This listing is for one Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Decoration ✡
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The Kabbalah 3D Papercraft Decoration is part of Rosh Hashanah 2017 NEW CREATION Genesis Collection, which is deeply Influenced by the world of Sacred Geometry and Judaism, Straight from the bottom of my soul.
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