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Shana Tova Greeting Card
Downloaded 53 times…instant-download/ 

L'Shana Tovah Floral Coloring Page
Downloaded 35 times…instant-download/ 

5780 Tishrei Calendar A3 Poster
Downloaded 45 times…rei-hebrew-month/

Sukkah Decoration with Prayers and Blessings
Downloaded 35 times…instant-download/

Ten Commandments Coloring page
Downloaded 28 times…instant-download/

Pesach Seder Plate with A Menorah Magen David
Downloaded 84 times…d-by-zebratoys-2/

Star of David Seder Plate-Passover Coloring Page
Downloaded  140 times…load-by-haleluya/

Seder Plate with Sacred Geometry Elements
Downloaded 52 times…adable-printable/
Passover Prayer Mandala
Downloaded 20 times…ids-art-projects/
Passover Sacred Elements Catalog of Coloring Books 
Downloaded 12 times
Hanukkah Menorah Greeting Cards
Downloaded 41 times…oad-by-zebratoys/ 
Happy Hanukkah Rainbow Greeting Cards
Downloaded 25 times
A Gold Dreidel Sweets Gift Package Papercraft Template
Downloaded 40 times…instant-download/ ‎
Happy Tu BiShevat Coloring Page
Downloaded 22 times
Faith, Love and Gratefulness Bookmarks
Downloaded 52 times…instant-download/
Rainbow Notes Cards with Affirmations
Downloaded 31 times…instant-download/

Faith Mandala With the Star of David
Downloaded 17 times…iy-jewish-crafts/

True Love Heart Healing Frequencies
Downloaded 13 times…s-diy-art-crafts/ 

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Art Pattern
Downloaded 34 times

Intuition & Ambition 2022 FREE Coloring Page
Downloaded 29 times

FREE TEMPLATE-Craft 3D Paper Stars of David-Make Star Of David Decorations To Decorate-DIY Crafting Printable-Jewish Holiday-INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Downloaded 30 times
FREE Happy Passover Folded Greeting Cards-Pesach Blessing Printable-DIY Project-INSTANT DOWNLOAD-Pesach Blessing Printable-DIY Project-INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Downloaded 7 times
FREE Happy and kosher Pesach Menorah-Passover Coloring Page-1 Printable Design-ARTS And Crafts Supplies-Hebrew Blessing-Jewish Art-INSTANT DOWNLOAD by @HALELUYA SACRED SOUL ART VIA @ZEBRATOYS
Downloaded 8 times
FREE Shabbat Shalom Mandala To Color-Lighting Candles Blessing-Coloring page-Printable-DIY Wall Art-Arts and Crafts-Jewish Art-INSTANT DOWNLOAD by HALELUYA SACRED SOUL ART
Downloaded 27 times
FREE Flag Of Israel Image To Color-Coloring Template-PDF Printable-Blank Print-Coloring Page-Star Of David-Magen David Symbol-INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Downloaded 7 times

FREE Small Flags Of Israel Images To Print-Image-Photo-Template-PDF Printable-Jewish-Diy Papercraft Banner-Star Of David-Crafts-INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Downloaded 14 times

FREE Holy City Jerusalem Art Coloring Page-Print And Color-Holiness-Grace-Harmonic Faith Frequencies-Sacred Art-Printable-INSTANT DOWNLOAD HALELUYA
Downloaded 17 times

FREE Tetrahedron 3D Papercraft Template PDF-Platonic Solids-Rainbow Colors Printable 3D Model-Holiday Party Decorations-Sacred Geometry-INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Downloaded 9 times
Free Coloring Page Hanukkah Menorah Candles Lighting Blessings To Print-Chanukiah Printable Template-Hanukkah Prayers-Holiness-Grace-Jewish Sacred Soul Art-HALELUYA INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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I’m looking for media opportunities to share the story of soul-heart life journey and how it led me to create HALELUYA Sacred Soul Art. Our proposals also include a gift offer for a free Sacred Soul Art coloring page for your readers and/or listeners during this Festive Holiday Season. 

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I’m available for interviews, articles, giveaways and collaborations. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please Email me at: or call me: + 972 50 4393944

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I support direct communication, openness, integrity and clarity. I like to be honest and bring the best of myself and my professional skills to serve the higher good. Always.

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