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Meet My Sukkah Decorations Art Kit ✡ מוֹעֲדִים לְשִׂמְחָה

מוֹעֲדִים לְשִׂמְחָה ✡ Listen. When I design I go within to my thoughts and feelings, where I take deeper look at my life with tenderness, love and acceptance. I’m flying silently to the temple of my soul ♥ Meet My Sukkah Decorations Art Kit:


Rosh Hashana’s Prayers and Blessings Inspirational Guide ✡

Discover new ideas for your Jewish art projects and craft activities with a FREE inspirational guide for Rosh Hashana’s Prayers and Blessings. Download your copy and start your own unique art project today. Click to download for free:


Meet Glow Art Kit ✡

Every once in a while I get this craving for wandering the Holy City of Safed walking around old stone paved alleys breathing high mountain breeze of ancient holy spirituality. Soaking in these powerful energetic fields has always made my soul glow with faith, love, and a heartwarming Jewish sacred feeling. A spiritual connection shines […]


Looking within to search for some of the meanings and essences of Passover

I’ve been reading my book on Jewish Holidays, looking within to search for some of the meanings and essences of Passover. This is a very significant holiday for Jews, a symbol for Liberty and Freedom. It emphasizes the spiritual strength Am Yisrael has demonstrated for thousands of years. On Passover we should all read the […]


s a c r e d e l e m e n t s

I’m honored to present s a c r e d  e l e m e n t s my NEW Collection of Coloring Books for Passover 2017 by HaLeLuYa’s Jewish Soul Art. Ancient Jewish Symbols nurture our souls with deep meaning, and light our hearts with Faith, Love, and Good Energies. Download a FREE catalog […]


Shabbat Shalom ♥ שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם וּמְבֹרָךְ

I love the Shabbat ✡ It folds our sense of belonging with our deep connections to core values and ethics. May we all be at peace within ourselves, our families, friends, and communities–nationally, globally, with the universe, and with G-d. Amen. Shabbat Shalom ♥ שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם וּמְבֹרָךְ Get connected: