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    I hardly find edatncioual toys, but I draw images and invented .Before going to school , I played this game with my daughter ..With what letter starts the word ..Ring?Or tell me some words starting with letter A.I also found a puzzle with Noah Arch.This was very nice because I was just explaining her from 3 years on who is God , what is this world and the way it is organised, and aspects of civilisation like exploitation or wars ..Images help a lot when you give lessons Children live in a paradise , but when they shall start to learn history (at 10 y.o.)the paradise shall be over. So we must prepare them a little , step by step , laughing and joking I learnt geography on manuals like white and black papers -small images and few..so how a child learn geography this way it is like memorising countless numbers related to something imaginary One can find intelligent games if you look for them I found even a game Moses .There are also films for children with a moral topic The wizard of Oz , The prince of Egipt .


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