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So, I guess Jewish Art Runs in my veins and is Deep in my Soul {✡} Orit Gutmacher Levy &

Safed Holy City is one of the most powerful & beautiful cities in the world. I love wondering around the stone paved old streets sightseeing and visiting fascinating unique Judaica art galleries. I can do it for hours and never get enough of it, so I guess Jewish Art runs in my veins and is deep in my soul. The items that truly make my heart beat faster are the ones that combine Jewish Holy Symbols like the Menorah and the Star of David with Biblical Hebrew Prayers & Blessings. The second I spot this magical combination, my eyes stop searching; and I find myself focusing my full attention on energy, textures, colors, materials, style and feeling. That moment, my soul instantly starts shining with faith vibes, love & harmony and my body craves for more and more. It touches the deepest secret spots in my heart and mind and elevates levels of pure hope, happiness, meaning, inner peace & strength.

Shalom. My name is Orit Gutmacher Levy and I the owner & designer of @zebratoys boutique. I design Jewish Soul Art Prints, Healing Meditative Coloring Pages, Scrapbooking Printable Supplies & Personal Gifts. My favorite illustrations have a very deep connection to my Jewish roots, and I love adding blessings and Biblical prayers to my items to emphasize higher Biblical spiritual meaning. I still remember the day I approached my excellent business advisor during my second marketing course; shivering & mumbling my question: “Do you think it’s a good idea to start designing Judaica?” I told him it’s something so deep in my soul that this was the first time I listened to this soft quiet inner voice. Since the day it all started, 4 years have passed and I guess it’s only the beginning of my journey…

The most fulfilling & fascinating thing about being a Judaica designer is that moment when your idea becomes a reality. Finally, after days and nights of work, questioning, and trying to figure out the best solutions, you look at your dream and a big satisfied smile spreads across your face. It’s like dreams come true straight from your heart & soul. Bingo!!! It’s definitely my dream job ♥ I love it!!! I can actually feel the influence on my body, soul & mind when my conscious is working in the high awareness mode. The nice warm feeling on my skin saturates into my whole being, and a relaxing peaceful glowing vibe travels smoothly through my body. I love to feel my soul getting charged with blessed delightful faith, harmony & love. A strong powerful longing for it makes me constantly look for Jewish Art all the time everywhere I go.

Why should you welcome Jewish art décor into your homes? I’ve gathered some unbelievable benefits & positive effects of Judaica art décor. Have a look:
► Elevate Faith levels & strength
► Help balance your body, mind, & soul
► Promote Positive Energies & Pure Magical Good Karma.
► Present a Unique look & boutique chic style
► Help relieve stress and loneliness
► Promote Spiritual growth
► Create healing Jewish atmosphere
► Improve self-esteem and self-awareness
► Increase wholeness & Inner peace
► Generate good health and well-being
► Create abundance & prosperity essence
► Assist to reach your full potential
► Find internal courage & motivation.
► Help resolve issues, process and manage emotions and feelings
► Promote harmony & sacred meditation Space
► A nice reminder of Jewish core values & ethics
► Promote a silent non verbal healing therapy

My vision is to help you bring love, good energy & Jewish faith into your homes & spaces. I invite you to start creating your own special sacred energetic Jewish space. I believe in small steps in order to achieve a bigger goal, so I invite you to log into my website which is filled with many Jewish Soul Art printables, Print & coloring pages, download your favorite design, print, color & frame. Get Insired:

I design Jewish Soul Food with a very deep connection to my roots. I welcome you to visit my website and enjoy good energy Jewish healing art décor & unique healing coloring pages. All of my Items are made in the Galilee by natural born artists with much love & positive energy. I truly believe I was gifted with the power of creating & designing good Jewish healing spaces. My Items illuminate any space or location with Good Energies, Love & Jewish Faith Vibes.
How can I help you? I would love to make your dream come true. For more information send me a message to or Skype me: +972 50 4393944

Looking forward to read your thoughts.
Peace & Love,
Orit Gutmacher Levy
Owner & Designer of ZEBRA smart & friendly toys
Mobile: + 972 50 4393944

Let’s be friends @zebratoys ♥ Faith, Love & Good Energies

Healing Mandala Art – Art Therapy benefits & positive effects
I’m trying to heal my soul by using art therapy. I love to surf Instagram, Pinterest & Google looking for inspiring Mandals. It’s their fascinating relaxing good energies that drawn me to search a little bit more into it’s powerful positive magical power. Something I just stare at them trying to figure out my body language respond. Notice Body Signs. Sensing the Mandalas’ energies. Asking myself what do they make me feel? I try to notice remarkable color combinations that quiet my emotions & sync my body, mind, & soul. I look deeply to see which one has the power to balance & strengthen my inner peace.

My new passion is to design healing mandalas coloring pages. Then I print them & color with my favorite aquarelle pencils like I used to do when I was a small girl. It’s a blessed silent healing process that is non verbal but stretches all the way to explore my inner experience – my feelings, perceptions and imagination. Somehow it always makes process emotions and feelings that I’m struggling with and gives me a deeper understanding of myself. What a powerful art therapy tool for healing & spiritual growth.

I’ve gathered a few benefits & positive effects of art therapy:
• Relax & meditate
• Balance your body, mind, & soul.
• Help relieve stress, anger, and sadness.
• Spiritual growth
• Free your creative brain to come out and play
• Improve self-esteem and self-awareness
• Increase wholeness & Inner peace
• Helps stabilize, integrate, and re-order inner life
• Quiet your emotions & Increase concentration
• Generate good health and well-being
• Create satisfaction and pleasure
• Assist you to reach your full potential
• Helps in discovering insight and meaning.
• Find internal courage & motivation.
• Help resolve issues, process and manage emotions and feelings.

So. I welcome you to try out art therapy & choose a mandala. Please pick out your favorite mandala from my website:, simply print it, color & heal. 100% colorful healing vibes guaranteed!!!

A few tips to get started:
Make time for it.
Find a nice comfortable relaxing space.
Listen to calm music.
Breath. Deeply. Relax.
Choose your favorite colors & Color.

P.S. I also wake at 5 a.m. to ride my bicycle. I eat healthy food. Sleep well. I Get Shiatsu one a week. Meet friends. Talk on the phone. Dance. Write Biblical Hebrew & Pray.

Peace & Love,
Orit Gutmacher Levy
Owner & Designer of ZEBRA smart & friendly toys

Let’s be friends ♥ @zebratoys

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