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@zebratoys is my dream job

@zebratoys is my dream job

My name is Orit Gutmacher Levy, and I’m a 41 year old freckled Country Girl ♥ I live in a magical farm town in the Galilee, Israel. And…My vision is to spread the Light of Jewish Faith, Love & Good Energies. I design Jewish Wall Art Prints, Healing Meditative Art Coloring Pages, Scrapbooking Printables & Personal Gifts.

I believe in following my heart ♥ I’m following my dream to design Unique Judaica Faith Items for Jewish moms & Girls ✡ I’m a big Jewish Art lover and I have a feel for Judaism Symbols, Prayers & Blessings. Creativity, eco-friendly materials, quality, good energy and integrity are in my spirit. @zebratoys is my dream job!!!

One of the most important things for me is to inspire women to follow their dreams and to help them believe in themselves. I love to work with creative women artists from the Galilee where I was born. Making new friendships along with new crispy business collaborations makes me feel warm inside. Every new product is a dream come true, and I’m thankful for each one of them. My mind is always busy thinking about the next new sparkling idea and I’m grateful for working with natural born artists. Together we put our emphasis on perfection, uniqueness, and small limited edition series with a Judaic twist ♥

Do I create custom orders?
I love taking *custom orders, so feel free to surprise me with your designs for a personalized gift ♥ Let me make your dream come true. Write me: oritgutmacherlevy@gmail.com or send the Zebra a message with your *custom order

*Entrepreneurs, please contact me for creative business collaborations & more info. I love challenges & embrace good positive changes. Send an e-mail with your ideas & thoughts today to: oritgutmacherlevy @gmail.com

*Join my community & become a member. Support My Vision to spread the Light of Jewish Faith, Love & Good Energies. Get ALL the updates on NEW products & Special Sales, Holiday Coupons & Gift Cards. Enjoy @zebratoys Natural Magical Vibes & Photos from the Galilee in your mailbox. Send me your email for @zebratoys Newsletter & Get a *FREE Coloring Page
Send me your Email to: oritgutmacherlevy@gmail.com

For more Inspirational & Faith Charms visit: www.etsy.com/shop/zebratoys

Peace & Love,
Orit Gutmacher Levy
Owner & Designer of ZEBRA smart & friendly toys
Mobile: + 972 50 4393944
Shop: ​​www.zebratoys.etsy.com
Web: www.zebratoys.net
Digital: www.zebratoys.net/digitaldownloads

Let’s be friends @zebratoys ♥ Faith, Love & Good Energies
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